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Community at 67

Room Hire
Terms & Conditions

Section 1 - BOOKING


1. Application for hire of the premises must be made through the Bookings Officer,  or by ringing the 67 mobile: 07737 742300, or by using the application form which is available from the Bookings Officer or through our web site:


2. The person making the booking must be over 21 years old and will be deemed to be the ‘Hirer’ for the purposes of the Terms and Conditions of Hire.


3. Before booking the applicant should read the Terms and Conditions of Hire, comprising:

  • Section 1 Booking

  • Section 2 Conditions of Hire

  • Section 3 Hirer’s Obligations on Site

to ensure that the premises meet their needs and that they can comply with the conditions stated.


4. On acceptance of a booking application by the Bookings Officer on behalf of Community at 67, the Terms and Conditions of Hire apply.


5. Community at 67 reserves the right to refuse any booking if the Trustees feel the group is not operating in the interests of the local community.


6. The Bookings Officer, acting on behalf of the Trustees, may refuse to accept any booking application for a purpose considered not to comply with the objects of Community at 67 or presenting a risk of public disorder, nuisance or damage affecting the premises or neighbours.


7. Schedule of Charges (per hour)

All rates are discounted by 10% for a block booking (i.e. of  6 or more sessions)

All rates include use of the kitchen facilities, this to be shared with any other users of the premises.


8. Cancellation

If for ay reason you are unable to use the premises on the date agreed please let us know as soon as possible :

9. Payment

The Hirer will be invoiced for the agreed sum, normally within one month of the Hire date.


Any additional charges due, for extensions beyond the time booked, or in respect of any

loss or damage caused will also be invoiced.


Payment is due within one month of the invoice date and may be made by either:


i. BACS payment to: HSBC, Sort Code 40-26-27, Account No 61559796

ii. Cheque made payable to: Community at 67

Cheques should be sent to:

The Treasurer

Community at 67

67 Queens Road



BS31 2NW



If the Hirer has any complaint arising from the booking or hire of the premises, this should be

put in writing and addressed to the Chair of Trustees, Community at 67, 67 Queens Road, Keynsham,

Bristol BS31 2NW or e-mail:


If the Hirer prefers to telephone, the Chair may be reached on:  Tel  07737 742300.




Community at 67 shall be responsible for:

1. Making the booked accommodation available at the agreed time, shutter will up.

2. If key is not provided unlocking the premises nd closing at time agreed

3. Ensuring that the accommodation and facilities are prepared and clean.

4. Ensuring that heating and essential services are available and working.

5. . Displaying emergency contact details for the trustees and all statutory notices within the building.


The Hirer shall be responsible for complying with the following obligations:

1. Permitted Use Limitations

2. Number of Persons Limitation

3. Security, Care and Use of Premises and Contents

4. Supervision

5. Obtaining of any Necessary Licences

6. Community at 67 expects any group hiring the premises involving children or vulnerable adults to have safeguarding policies. Community at 67’s safeguarding policy can be downloaded:

1. Permitted Use Limitations

1.1 The Hirer shall not use the premises for any purpose other than that described on the

Booking Application Form and shall not sub-let or use the premises or allow the

premises to be used for any unlawful purpose or in any unlawful way nor do anything or

bring onto the premises anything which may endanger the premises or render invalid

any insurance policies in respect of the premises or its contents nor allow the

consumption of alcohol thereon without written permission. The Hirer must adhere to

regulations relating to working with child protection and vulnerable adults.


1.2 Performances. No performance shall be given that involve a risk of injury to performers

or audience members.


2. Number of Persons Limitation

The Hirer shall not exceed the permitted number of persons on the premises at any one

time as a result of the Hire, which is 20.


3. Security, Care and Use of Premises and Contents

3.1 All conditions attached to the granting of the premises shall be strictly observed.

3.2 The security of all personal belongings brought on to the premises is the responsibility of

the Hirer. Community at 67 will not accept responsibility for any loss or damage to the

personal belongings of the Hirer or any user of the premises.

3.3 As directed by the Charity, the Hirer shall make good or pay for all damage (including

accidental damage) caused to the premises or to fixtures, fittings or contents and for

loss of contents.

3.4 The Electricity at Work Regulations 1989 require that any electrical equipment that has

the potential to cause injury is maintained in a safe condition. The Hirer shall ensure

that any electrical equipment brought into the building shall comply with this requirement

and any subsequent legislation. Community at 67 shall not be liable for any claims and

costs arising from the use of any equipment by the Hirer that does not so comply.

3.5 The Hirer shall ensure that use of the premises is kept to the agreed booking times.

Any extra time will be charged for at the rates detailed in the Schedule of Charges.

3.6 If non-recyclable rubbish is left following the booking, the Hirer may be charged for

disposal of this.


4. Supervision

The Hirer shall, during the period of the Hire, be present and be responsible for:

all the activities in the premises.

  • Effective supervision of the premises, the fabric and the contents, their care, safety from damage however slight or change of any sort.

  • The behaviour of all persons using the premises whatever their capacity

  • Ensuring that all users co-operate with any fire-drills that may be arranged in order

      to familiarise users with evacuation procedures.

  • Complying with all conditions specified in this Agreement.


5. Obtaining of any Necessary Licences

5.1 Alcohol. The premises are NOT licensed for the sale or consumption of alcohol.

5.2 Licensable Activities

Legislation requires that a licence is obtained for the supply of alcohol or providing

public entertainment, which includes the performance of a play, an exhibition of a film

 (i.e. any display of moving pictures), an indoor sporting event, a performance of live music,

Any playing of recorded music, a performance of dance or entertainment of a similar

description to live music, recorded music or dance.

It is the responsibility of the Hirer to obtain the necessary licences for their planned


(For information on licensing or to obtain a Temporary Event Notice, contact Bath & North East

Somerset Council, Licensing Services, 9-10 Bath Street, Bath, BA1 1SN

Email: )

5.3. A copy of any licence obtained for a booked function/event shall be supplied by the Hirer

to the Bookings Officer.



1. Safety

1.1 Fire & Knives.

  • The Hirer must (1) be aware of the location of the fire extinguishers and (2) ensure that all persons present are aware of the location of the fire exits and how to open the doors. Access to the fire exits must remain clear and unobstructed throughoutthe period of the Hire.

  • Highly flammable substances, including decorations, shall not be brought into or used in any part of the premises.

  • In the event of any outbreak of fire, however slight, the premises shall be evacuated in an orderly manner using the appropriate exits and the Fire Service shall be called by dialling 999. Details of the occurrence shall be given to the available member of the management committee named on the Emergency Contact notice.

  • The knives on the magnetic holders in the kitchen to be removed and deposited in a safe place if deemed necessary by the event holder.


1.2 First Aid. A basic First Aid box is located in the kitchen, available for use by all.


1.3 Performances. No performance shall be given that involve a risk of injury to performers

or audience members


2. Care of the Premises

2.1 Responsibility for the general security of the premises and their contents during a

booking lies with the Hirer. In particular, the front door must be kept closed and secure.


2.2 The security of all personal belongings brought on to the premises is the responsibility of

the Hirer.


2.3 The premises, facilities, furniture and equipment shall be left clean, tidy and in good

order, in the condition as found on the commencement of the hire period. A limited

supply of cleaning equipment is available in the toilets.


2.4 Nothing shall be fixed to the walls, ceiling or floor including temporary attachments using

adhesive tape or Blu Tack.


2.5 Fire-fighting apparatus shall be kept in its proper place and used only for its intended



2.6 The contents of the First Aid box located in the kitchen shall be used only for their

intended purpose.


3. Use of the Kitchen

3.1 The Hirer shall provide all consumables and washing-up materials including washing-up

liquid and tea towels.


3.2 The Hirer shall NOT use any electrical equipment in the kitchen other than that provided

by Community at 67.


3.3 The Hirer shall NOT allow any children to use the kitchen, unless closely supervised by

an adult who will be responsible for their safety.

3.4 On leaving the premises the Hirer shall ensure that:

  • All cutlery and crockery is washed and stored away in the cupboards as found.

  • All equipment used has been cleaned.

  • All surfaces have been wiped down.

  • All electrical equipment is unplugged and switches are in the ‘off’ position (except the fridge)

  • All non-recyclable rubbish arising from the Hire is bagged and removed from the premises.

  • Any recyclable rubbish arising from the Hire is either removed from the premises or left in the appropriate marked bin inside the premises.


4. Smoking is not permitted inside the building or in the rear yard.


5. Behaviour

5.1 The Hirer is responsible for the behaviour of all persons using or visiting the premises in

any capacity as a consequence of the Hire.


5.2 The Hirer is responsible for preventing any anti-social behaviour on the premises and in

the vicinity of them as a consequence of the Hire.


6. Equipment

6.1 No unauthorized heating appliances shall be used on the premises.


6.2 No electrical appliance that has to be plugged into mains electricity shall be brought

onto the premises unless it is safe to use and has been approved after being examined

and/or tested by a suitably qualified person.


6.3 No medicines (e.g .inhalers) to be left on the premises.


7. Storage

No goods or equipment shall be stored on the premises either overnight or longer term,

unless the prior permission of the Bookings Officer, acting on behalf of the Management

Committee, has been obtained.

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