About Us

Our vision and values for Community at 67

“Building a better community for all”

Community at 67 was established in 2011 to deliver the needs and aspirations of the local community when the old Post Office in Queens Road was converted from a shop to a

community resource center

In 2015 Community at 67 became a registered charity

Community at 67 is a totally volunteer run service that works with individuals and agencies in Keynsham and the surrounding areas to help create a better environment that will lead to a better community for all. Organisations that work with us will find us supportive, trustworthy and willing to work with them to deliver shared objectives

Where are we - See the map of Keynsham below. Community at 67 is located in Keynsham South and our center is in a well-used rank of shops. In 2015 the center was extended and we now have a reception area with a fitted out kitchen and meeting rooms

What do we do?

Community at 67 has undertaken a range of activities this year to deliver the objectives of the charity. We operate the center throughout the week and host activities delivered directly and supported by Community at 67, we also support other agencies who hire the center to deliver activities which also support the objectives of the charity

For more details of our activities see our website: www.community-67.org

Follow us on:

facebook.com/Community67 and twitter.com/community67?lang=en

Watch the video about our activities https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=anrukumqd34

Contact us: enquiries@community-67.org Tel: 07737 742300