Become a Volunteer

Who can volunteer?

Anyone who has a spare morning/afternoon/ evening or just a couple of hours a week can be a volunteer for the center You can offer your services on a regular weekly/fortnightly/ monthly rota, or join our volunteer team as a ‘bank’ helper to cover short notice, sickness or holidays.

Do I need any skills or qualifications?

No, if you have a special interest or subject we will try to use your skills in the most relevant areas. If you just want to help there are plenty of different areas needing the time and commitment of volunteers. You may be interested in training for new skills as part of your voluntary role.

What next?

Telephone or come along to the center and meet us. Fill in a member/volunteer's application form and supply two references from work or personal and let us know your availability, we will try to fit you into an area of your choice. Once we receive your application we will invite you in for an informal chat.

Will I be out of pocket?

We will refund any expenses incurred that relates to the activities of the center, however we are unable to reimburse any personal expenses including travel expenses.

Will I receive training?

We will support you to get the most from volunteering, where necessary we will provide training and aim to fund this from our resources

Activities - The center offers a wide variety of activities to users such as craft classes, volunteers are required to help facilitate the activities

Internet Café & Guided IT - Volunteers are needed to be on hand for ad hoc user queries in the Internet Café and to train users on a one-to-one or one-to-many basis

Regular Events - Regular events such as local groups using the center require volunteers to be on hand to open/close the center, give users information about Community at 67 and provide refreshments

Individual Events - Community at 67 often have one-off events held in our premises, if you are able to volunteer to assist at one of these events, that would most welcome

Administration & Management - Community at 67 welcomes suggestions from volunteers who may have other skills and ideas.

Do you have your own ideas? The above are just some of the ideas from the management committee, if you have an idea you think would work at the center and are prepared to help organise the session please contact us

Tel: 07737 742300

The document for becoming a Volunteer can be downloaded at the foot of this page by clicking

on the white arrow in the top RH corner of the PDF below

Volunteer-Membership Application Form Jan 2020.pdf