Volunteer's Party 2019

An incredible 6,221 hours has been given by volunteers at Community at 67 in the last 12 months, it would have cost £138,758 to deliver the same services by paid staff. Community at 67, based at Queens Road in Keynsham, provides a range of activities all delivered through volunteers. These include an IT club supporting people getting online, a very popular weekly lunch club, code and maths clubs for young people and groups where people can share craft skills.

On 20th March Community at 67 held an event to thank the volunteers for all the work they do. “Community at 67 could not survive without such a committed and enthusiastic group of volunteers”  said Martin Burton, Chair of trustees at Community at 67 “As well as helping deliver activities, volunteers also work hard behind the scenes doing essential  tasks to keep the centre running such as cleaning and the work required to ensure we operate an effective and efficient charity. We are always looking for more volunteers to help run the centre, we are a friendly organisation who want to make our area a great place in which to live”

One of the volunteers is Ron Sheppard who runs the IT and Code Club as well as chairing the management committee said “Being a volunteer at Community at 67 is a very rewarding experience, it helps you feel part of the community as you meet different kinds of people and you feel you are making a difference – it is also great fun!” 

For details about Community at 67 see the website at www.community-67.org , if you  would like to volunteer please email enquiries@community-67.org or phone 07737 742300.