Keynsham Town Community Radio page 2

KTCR began three years ago as a group being trained by Somer Valley FM, of Midsomer Norton to form a satellite group in Keynsham. SVfm equipped the basic studio in Community at 67 for this work.

The remnants of this group now produce 'The Keynsham Hour' which is a weekly magazine show all about current affairs in Keynsham. It's broadcast on SVfm (97.5fm) every Thursday lunch time at 1pm.  Since the first Keynsham Hour in Jan 2015 not a week has been missed.

Ironically only people in the very south of Keynsham with very good radios can hear the programme as broadcast, but most people in Keynsham who follow it regularly do so by listening to the podcast on SVfm's website. In fact the podcast is consistently one of SVfm's most listened to - often over 300 times a week.

'The Keynsham Hour' can also be listened to live on the SVfm website on a Thursday:

For the Sommer Valley FM podcast click on "Listen Again" scroll down to 'The Keynsham Hour' for the latest edition.

The Keynsham Hour is recorded every Tuesday evening in the studio at Community at 67.  The programme features local news, and comment on local news, local events and local people. All the music played has links to Keynsham in one way or another. Members of Community at 67 who have been involved from the start include Dennis, Barry with his regular local history slot, and Margaret who often reports on her activities at Community at 67. Studio guests have included local councillors, local artists, local organisations and a wide range of interesting local people.

The success of the show has been noted by a recent granting by Offcom of a licence application for Keynsham's own FM licence.  This is a massive step, and a group of people are working on trying to make it come true.

Keynsham Town Community Radio has a Facebook Page that supports the show.