Friday Lunch at Mandy's Kitchen

Fridays between midday and 2:00pm

Mandy and her volunteers create wonderful food for anyone who
would like a cooked meal and a time for socialising

The venue is Community at 67, 67 Queens Road, Keynsham
A small donation (of say £2.00) to Community at 67 is suggested
For more information: 07737 742300

With the help of Fare Share and Food Cycle, Community at 67 has contracted with Tesco's and Fresh Range to utilise any foods nearing their use before date These donations help avoid the need for good food to be sent to landfill, and instead is used to support people in the local community. Mandy's Kitchen produces healthy, tasty and nourishing meals which are enjoyed by up to 30 people each week

See Events page for times when Community at 67 is open
Mandy and her volunteers have received a commendation
in the past for the service they offer to the community: