Internet Café - Friday Mornings

The Internet Café and IT training sessions have been run by volunteers at the community centre for several years. Free to attend, users can receive one-to-one help with computers, software and internet issues, also they can follow free elearning courses or attend guided training sessions in different aspects of computers from Facebook to eBay and Excel.

 One of our volunteer coaches says, “We now have a great team of volunteers and have already helped around 80 people with IT queries. All our volunteers and users have great fun and learn lots from each other in the sessions. It’s fantastic to see people improve their IT skills and become more confident, whether it’s to communicate with relatives abroad using Skype or email, or to get better deals with online shopping.”

 The free sessions are open to anyone and we run some Monday evenings and the IT Café every Friday morning 9-12:00 midday. The centre is now seeking more IT volunteers, particularly for the Monday evening slots.

Just call in, or if you would like more information before attending, contact:
 07737 742300 or email:

A small donation of £2.00 would be appreciated towards costs

Children under 10 must be accompanied by an adult